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Remorse-Today ME,Pratik grew 21, don't worry not my Birthday today

Haven't drafted or copy pasted anything, not even prepared for it,it's just a flow process associated with me.A must read for people who haven't faced reality as yet.I guess ,spending approximately 3 minutes reading it won't be a complete waste.

* The expression's like I , you,IT, me, people don't point at a person.It's just a realization.It's done to inculcate writing into me.FICTION BASED. No one in real or virtual is to be linked .

It's not that I am a sadist that I am heaping these stuffs, it's just that all have to face it someday,and  after 451(mind you !!,FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE) days I  ultimately realized something which I want to share.

  I would in the beginning itself divide the entire world for me to be made of two types :

* the few
* the very few.

  Today ,and why today ,now itself, I just realized that I have turned 21 .So , I would be wishing myself a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.Neither am I mad nor have I forgotten the calender .It's just that I had forgotten that I was out of the encumbrance and have stepped into a world of reality, where everything comes with a purpose and  carries you till the time you keep working or slogging for them.The days are gone when """selfless """ deeds were to be applauded, now it's called being or rather " MUFT KI NAUTANKI (by very few) ".Yup, I did a mistake , I became selfless but yes it took it's toll and now I am even more patheticated.
Coming out of home , I had one notion in mind that everywhere around the globe , people would be the same atleast in """" being human"""". But, didn't even have the slightest tinge that the definition has changed thoroughly(Didn't get the revised edition, in a small town like Jamshedpur, there isn't much nurturing of these stuffs) . In college, met "few "people who made this journey to be the best ever and met "very few", whom I thought to carry on the journey the same as the "few" made it.But everything can't be the same  as you think it to be.I did my very best to be selfless and yes, I am true in this respect .It be scotching heat or collusive exams, did things as the "very few" wanted. IT had become a priority, rather everywhere.Though me ,myself being in a pool of trouble but still did my very best not to make others realize.Did rather everything,without compliance, within and also outside my bounds .Took mistakes onto me(without my involvement). Took rudeness not as a part of hurting self-dignity but as a part of sheer fun.In vain, without even letting the "very few" know about anything.

Rather expecting something is human nature,good for good and bad for bad, THE JUNGLE's Rule "AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH".But, didn't I ever know, that something else was there waiting further.
With time, expectation and expectation level changed .The "very few" as I describe that Lott was good  but suddenly changed entirely . Perhaps because now,I was standing for my self respect or there was some kind of self mentored grudge against me(without my knowledge of involvement)in It.

Thinking back down the memory lane(same as in Hindi movies,Flashback), just couldn't figure out How come "very Few" change so abruptly???

It turned out to be such that the " very few " started getting such pathetic notions  that IT just simply erased the person(it's me) ,who had been in good and bad ,stood in every sphere without any self-gain .Being in the worst stage ,IT just ripped apart .In nature's mathematics, flaw has  crept in, I tried to deny them but as a punishment it made my equations indeterminate.
Human emotions are of no use now.The situations became such that even though I do something for good it comes forth cursed onto me.Things from which I am sparsely involved , am  blamed. Something that the mind cooks, gets me to it's toll.Simply, realized that :" If you want to do things selflessly then forget about your self respect, it'll be kept in the under-pockets or else don't do at all(u"ll land up in a better place)"".

Quite similar to as what we get in Physics text books in damped SHM(SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTIONS):"The forward motion is same but not vice-versa".
Now i, could even relate Science and Realization. Man, i will develop some kind off new Sphere of Study.

""" BEING HUMAN""" is a TRAIT.Be the way the world is and trust me flowing with the river is a better option rather going against it.
"The more you think about others who think you to be a spare, the more you entangle stuffs for yourself"

But don't know, very deep down under, I do really feel , that the " very few" is under obligations or deep misconceptions .
Will always remember the night street lights and the "fog +""smoke"""

Can't write much, or rather not in a condition.
What to do just lost a friend today, or rather I considered ""IT"" to be, the closest.
As the " very few" always used to say "U ARE AN EMOTIONAL FOOL".
I accept it, thanks for making me realize this.
Wishing the "very few " to be back at least after reading this.
I know it quite well that facts do make people angry, but couldn't help the best way to get this damned is by scripting down.
But don't worry,there are many in the world who'll get acquainted to it sooner or later.I just gave a vivid picture ,without a conclusion, it has to be drawn by your own self.It's just an initiative to confine the number of fools and make them aware of the world.
"" YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THE WORLD AFTER COMING OUT OF HOME"": read it somewhere,but never did I realize it before today.I really thank the "very few" for this realization.That's the reason why I am celebrating my birthday today.
The Place which became the root of all Problems

I know reading facts makes people angry, but trust me not a "MUFT KI NAUTANKI" but scripting dilutes it.Script down whatever you feel and then you will experience the difference.

Now coming to the moral(main portion in English Language exams):

I never wanted this change to come in me,tried my best to retain myself, always wanted to ignore certain facts, but destiny had something else in store.

P.S:Please don't infer this to be related to some kind of break-up or mandalate stuff, it's just a common phenomenon for all.

"FALL" of the night
-tranquished aka Pratik Mishra
few decades more and I will become an author(with lesser number of grammatical mistakes)
but still this is the first note after class 12.
English ki toh maine halat sort kar di hai.

P.S: Not trying any Chetan Bhagat stuff  but one of my very own concepts on real life experiences in which everyone has to toil.
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Morning ""SMOKE""
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